Same Blog, New Address

by karlmd on Friday, July 31, 2009

To the three people who regularly read my blog, some news:

For years, I've wanted to change the URL of this blog. karlmd2006 is so clunky and bulky (grasping for words here...). I've wanted to change it to just karlmd.blogspot for a long time but I couldn't as blogger was telling me someone had already registered. A few days ago, I had the brilliant idea to check who was actually using the account and whadyaknow, it was me, 5 years ago, using some forgotten username and password. Well, I rediscovered that username and password just a few minutes ago and I am now the proud owner of the URL

This URL contains all of my old entries and I will post new ones here. So, I'm actually saying goodbye to this URL, karlmd2006.

This also reminds me, I would need to change all of my autopost settings in the other websites! Shucks. See you all at the newly-addressed Chronicles of Boredom!